Andrew Barlow



Carving figurative sculptures, and painting abstract watercolors has been my work for more than twenty five years. I approach a subject with an open notion of creating a dynamic and engaging work of art. Nature, and the human figure are my subjects. Both have inherent structures that allow for infinite interpretations.


Sculpture is an organization of physical forms. Composing the forms to represent a real and recognizable image is my pursuit. Real and recognizable: To be real it must be believable. To be recognizable it must be understood.


Clarity is the first step. The image must be readable. There must be a cohesive relationship between the forms. Once clarity has been established the investigation into how an image can be developed begins. The question of what the imagery is going to develop into becomes an artistic pursuit.


The stone and wood carvings I have created represent a figurative approach. I choose to maintain a sense of the figure as a means of communication; familiarity of the figure gives the viewer something to identify with. From there I can push into the realm of changing the descriptive patterns of the human form.


Changing descriptive patterns is a pursuit with my watercolors as well. This is why the watercolors are abstract in nature.

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