Blogging Tutorial

1. Once Where ART Lives Gallery has sent your blog invitations to the email associate with your Google account, please accept within 24 hours.


2. After you have accepted, you can go to while logged into your Google account, and you will immediately be brought to the list of posts of the blog that was most recently posted on. The left side of your screen should look something like the image below. As you can see, it shows the title of the blog that you are currently on and has an arrow to drop down the list of all blogs, so you can choose which one you would like to post on. Choose the blog you would like to post to, and click the orange button that says "New post".

Blog you are currently on.

Click small black down arrow to the right to drop down a list of all blogs.

(See example below showing drop down menu of blogs.)

When you have selected the blog you want to post to, click this orange button to start your post.

3. A new post will open on the blog you have chosen. This should look like the image below. First add your post title. Use descriptive words that describe the artwork in your title, along with your name.


4. Now you will create the body of the post in the large white box. You can see a menu bar above the post box that allows you to change your font, font size, bold, italic, or underline your text, change the text color or highlight text, to turn text into a link to a website, add an image or video, decide if you want your post to be left, centered, or right on the page, create numbers or bullets, and spell check. Play with these settings to find the way you prefer your post to look once published.

Blog Post Title Area

Blog Post Body

Blog Post Menu Options for Text, Links, Images, and Formatting.

Blog Post Settings

for Keyword Labels and Scheduling Ahead

5. When you are ready to create your post, click inside of the white blog post body box and click the image icon on the top menu to add your artwork image. It is best to practice safe internet posting and use small images that are 72 dpi and 400-600 pixels long. You can also take extra precautions and add a watermark to your images.

When you click the image icon it will allow you to click Choose files, and find the image you want to use on your computer. Once the image has completed uploading, select it and click Add selected. Your image will now show up in your white post box. You can now click on your image and choose Small, Medium Large, X-Large, or Original Size for what size you want your image to be, as well as Left, Center, or Right for where on the page you want your image to be placed.


6. Now underneath your image you can write text about your artwork. Put some of the descriptive words you used in your title inside of your blog post. Make sure to include the title of the piece, your name, artwork dimensions, media used, substrate, and your website link. Optional additions would be technique, adding a video, price, or images of the work hanging in a room.

7. Once your post is completed, look over to the right size of the screen where you will see Post settings like the image to the right. First click open the Labels tab. This is where you will add descriptive keywords that will help Google and other search engines categorize your image and content for internet searches. You want to have very specific keywords that will get art buyers looking for your style of art to your blog post and your website.

Here is an example of how keywords might look in the Labels box:


original equine art, horse painting, john smith art, textured mixed media art, alaska artist john smith, contemporary horse artwork


Use some of the descriptive words from your title that you also used in your blog post as some of your keywords. separate your keyword labels with a comma and space in between. When you have finished typing your labels, click Done.


8. You can either publish your blog post immediately or schedule it for another time. If you are planning to schedule for later, click the Schedule tab and choose Set date and time so that you can pick your date from the calendar and the time you  want it published. After you choose your scheduled posting time, click Done. If you are not scheduling ahead and want to publish now, make sure when you open the Schedule tab that you choose the option Automatic and click Done.

9. Now you are ready to either Publish, Save, or Preview your blog post. At the top right of your screen you will see these options as shown in the image above. If you are ready for your post to go out immediately or have scheduled ahead, you can click the Publish button. If you aren't finished with your post and want to save it and come back to it later, click the Save button. If you want to see what your post will look like before it is public, click the Preview button, which will open a preview of your post in a new window. To get back to your post, just go back to the browser window that your open post is on and correct anything you saw in the preview, and then you can click Publish or Save.


10. If you have now published your blog post, it will show up on that blog publicly. Posts to our blogs go out to either our daily email to art collectors or to all of our social media forums. Congratulations on beginning your journey to getting your art seen by thousands of new veiwers daily! Bloggind consistenly on multiple blogs is key to getting into internet search engines, and you are on your way! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

11. While you may post to as many of our blogs as you would like, please post only once per day to each individual blog, with only one piece of art per post. You can show up to 3 images in a post of the same piece of work, different angles, up close, or in situ shots, as long as the post is for one artwork. Please do not post several different pieces in one post, as our automatic social media posts cannot distinguish these images and will only pull the first image in the post. This ensures that your work will be shown on our social media platforms and also that your posts aren't so long that other member's posts are harder to find.

12. In an effort to keep people from unfollowing our social media pages and daily email, we ask that you schedule your blog posts to go out at different times and days. If the same artwork is scheduled on several blogs at the same time, all those posts will go out to our social media at the same time right on top of each other. Not only does this irritate our online followers when they see the same image in their feed repeatedly, but it also makes it more likely that other artwork posted by other members won't be seen in social media feeds. Please be conscientious of other artists who want their work to be seen and schedule one artwork at various times of the day and/or different days of the week.