Debbie Lincoln



A 30 year resident of Erath County, Texas, Debbie Grayson Lincoln does not have to go far to find inspiration for her paintings. Most are found in her own backyard in Morgan Mill, Texas. RV trips to a Wyoming rendezvous, Yellowstone National Park and Cuchara, Colorado provide further inspiration. But her favorite subjects are the real cowboys and cowgirls who work with livestock on a daily basis in Erath and surrounding counties.

A tough economy has made most artists re-evaluate how they do business, as well as attempt to navigate new avenues to  market their art. Debbie is no different. As her brick-and-mortar galleries were closing up shop, she determined to discover alternative marketing strategies. The internet seemed ripe to help attain world-wide recognition.


An “on-line marketer” since 2005, she has found the internet to be a great way to get noticed as well as market her work around the world. Paintings have been shipped to Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, England, Germany and Norway, as well as the four corners of the United States.


It takes a great deal of faith to purchase a painting without “seeing it up close and personal”, and Debbie understands collectors’ reluctance. To conquer this fear, she has always offered a 100% money back (shipping included) guarantee to her collectors. In 7 years of doing business this way only three paintings have been returned (out of 500). One “the color just didn’t match”, the second “didn’t have thick enough paint”, and the third was punctured in shipping (Debbie repaired that one for free and re-sent it).