Gerri Calpin



Sewing excellence was as important to me as music and dance were to my childhood friends. I took lessons, developed a clientele and worked for a fashion designer during my high school years. After a liberal arts degree and marriage, I started working with private clientele which worked well while raising a family.

I acquired a love of manipulating and mixing different fabrics in an avant-garde method of piece work. This was the beginning of my Art to Wear. My style took some years to develop into a lovely art cloth that I call Fabric Architecture. Jackets, vest and small accessories as well as soft furnishings for the home were designed using Fabric Architecture.

To complete my design process for my clothing line, I found polymer clay was the medium I could fabricate buttons, buckles and beads in my studio, which lead me to the jewelry line. I’m finding the more I work with this medium, it brings out the child play in me and how wonderful is that.

My style was influenced by certain master artists with a classical base, but revolutionary body of work. First Frank Lloyd Wright, then Picasso, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt and later Koos Vander Aker. I also find inspiration for all my work in the Colorado landscape and its history. The color of the land and sky is my greatest inspiration for creating clear and sharp compositions in my artwork. I continue to be surprised how fiber and polymer clay can be the mediums to create exciting fine art.

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