jess King



Art-one of the most intricate and lovely threads of my life- fruits of my art language in Studio Fine Arts.  Life and Language- huge words for me.  i don't know exactly what to say to you- the viewer...other than i hope you are touched by the renderings that come out of my soul, from my imagination & my photographs as well as from live models. The art i am privileged to create started to evolve when i was a young girl. i refer to my work in four different terms: my "Ladies of Old","Fascination" pieces and life drawings & paintings.  My work is unified in one concept- reflection of the relationships in life.  

      Desire to make art- Language, since i was a little girl i burned with desire to draw, paint or sculpt humans realistically especially in a moment when i was or am deeply inspired by someone, something or experience. My goal has always been that the finished product look exactly like the subject matter not just an impression.  Through time i have decided that impressionism is my language and realism comes after a lot of impression has been polished.  Just recently- as i drew daily for a few months to prepare a portfolio for an MFA application, the door opened up in my creative thinking to be able to speak realistically more than ever before in my mark making. Each day i was astounded at how it kept flowing and nothing was blocking the ability. My thought- time, its just timing...another desire of my heart has come to fruition.    

     Unity in my Work- Life is all about relationships: working, broken, quick, long lasting, dysfunctional, institutional, forced, unwelcome, passing by, elusive, unintentional and spiritual relationships with all of creation.  All of my work is unified by one concept- a reflection of the relationships i encounter, are touched by, struggle with, love- friendly, emotional, romantic, dream about, godly and that i am in covenant with.  I do not take life lightly nor the creator in which purposed life.     

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