jess King



Art: is one of the lovely threads of my life and fruits of my language in Studio Fine Arts. The work i am inspired to create started when i was a young girl. I refer to my work in three ways: "Ladies of Old", my "Fascination" pieces and life drawings & paintings. My work is unified in one concept- reflection of the relationships in life. Language and life are words of importance to me because they sum up ones way of expressing and life is a term we get to live. The question is, how do you express and what kinda life do you live?

Language, since i was a little girl I burned with desire to express myself and verbal expression was not my first choice. I have always been very hands on tactile needing to cut, rip, stir, touch everything, and dance around. As I grew the desire to emulate what "I" saw in the world around me grew and a goal to draw, paint or sculpt humans realistically. I have always desired the finished product to look exactly like the subject matter not just an impression. Through time I have realized that impressionism is my language and realism comes after a lot of impression has been polished. Just recently- as I drew daily for a few months to prepare a portfolio for an MFA application, the door opened up in my creative thinking to be able to speak realistically more than ever before in my mark making. Each day I was astounded at how it kept flowing and nothing was blocking the ability. My thought- time, its just timing...another desire of my heart has come to fruition.

Life, is all about relationships: working, broken, quick, long lasting, dysfunctional, institutional, forced, unwelcome, passing by, elusive, unintentional and spiritual relationships with all of creation. All of my work is unified by one concept- a reflection of the relationships i encounter, are touched by, struggle with, love- friendly, emotional, romantic, dream about, godly and that I am in covenant with. I do not take life lightly nor the creator in which purposed life.