Lela Kay



Each new painting presents an adventure, a journey for me as an abstract artist. I do not have any preconceived ideas or directions when I begin. Only a blank white canvas, and a few color combinations of oil paints squeezed out on my palette. I am a risk taker and like to explore new ideas and concepts when I paint. My goal is to challenge myself, pushing the envelope, wandering about in the unknown, finding fresh possibilities, creating problems and solving them, seeking my inner truth and creating a painting that is unique to my own experience.

My instincts and intuition guide me. I have learned to trust them and allow my imagination to run freely. I begin by making marks on the canvas, each mark taking me to the next, allowing the painting to evolve organically. I let the marks dictate the direction of the painting and I play with them, creating a conversation between me and the images in front of me. I add color, shapes and nuances to the canvas, subtracting and editing as needed.

I work rapidly, making decisions quickly, trusting my eye and allowing the ideas and energy flow. I want to capture the emotions and feelings inside of me waiting to be expressed. I love the passion and surprises that emerge on the canvas, of what I am trying to express without the use of words.

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