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Mary Ann Ziegler

How do you define what defines you? As a child I was intrigued by the world around me which led to my attempts to capture it through sketching. When I forgot to bring those necessary supplies with me I would find myself seeking the closest art store to resupply my stash. Fast forward to a degree in education, marriage, children, and a career that lasted 40 years.

Once retired I examined the time in front of me and rediscovered how strong my commitment to create was. Since then I have worked with fused glass, sculpture, alcohol inks, and abstract painting and have used most of my techniques to combine art forms into jewelry.

When I am not creating I am attending workshops and have found kindred spirits in the people I meet. It is a cult of artists....a great group of people who inspire me and urge me to explore even more possibilities. I hope to continue these partnerships and know it will be a rewarding and exciting experience.

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