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Mission Statement



We are innovative-Ambitious-Respected for our integrity

Known for our longevity and adaptability to the ever-changing marketplace

We are passionate about art-We are passionate about you

The world is waiting for your art to arrive-We are your vehicle


Where ART Lives specializes in online marketing and advertising of member artists.

Our membership consists of artists well established in the fine art arena, as well as emerging artists from around the world.


How We Are Different From Other Online Galleries:


  • Our years of experimentation and study have shown that Blogging consistently is the most efficient way to build a strong internet presence.

  • Blogging is a powerful vehicle for increasing the visibility of an artist's name, keywords, and artwork in search engines.

  • In addition to beautiful professional gallery pages on the Where ART Lives website, we host over 80 blogs, providing our artists with multiple platforms for their work, therefore significantly increasing their online presence.

  • It is from these blog posts that we share artists work to Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

  • In addition, we promote our members' shows, events, and workshops, on all of the above social media platforms, covering multiple facets of the artists' career. 


For a complete list of Membership Benefits, visit our Membership page.



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