Ronna Hurd



"When I was sixteen years old, I told my Mom that I wasn’t getting married, wasn’t having kids, and wasn’t going to business school as she had suggested. I was going to be a portrait artist on the streets of New Orleans. As with most youthful dreams, that didn’t happen. I did get married and had a wonderful son who in turn has given me a great daughter-n-law and some wonderful grandkids. However, I did not attend business school, but pursued a degree in Fine Arts.

I managed to utilize my artistic skills in my career and worked as a Graphic Designer for many years. I carried that skill to the next level and now work as a Web Designer. Several life events over the years have prevented me from pursuing my artwork, but I’ve finally been able to return to it.

An avid music fan, I began a series of portraits of musicians for my subjects. Music and art lift my spirit and make life a little sweeter in difficult times. I hope you will enjoy viewing these “faces of music” as much I’ve enjoyed creating them and that they might spark some pleasant memory in you."

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