Rowena Rizo-Patron



Rowena is a self trained artist. Born in Peru, Rowena has made her home in the USA since 2004. She is a poet and a published writer. For more than a decade she worked as a paramedic in Fairfax, VA because she values life and the wellbeing of her community.

She felt a calling to art that had been since her youth in Peru, and now she captures that creativity in her paintings. Though Rowena does not conform her art to one medium, her artistic style is abstract, magical surrealism, contemporary.

The artist pushes the limits of her techniques with each painting as she explores the world around her for inspiration. She is captivated by the natural world and animals, also suffers when pondering over the current state of environmental destruction.

Her stunning pieces, with the use of different acrylic media, matte, metallic and fluorescent paints, light up the spaces they're in. The texture that she creates in every stretched canvas, wood panel, panel canvas, etc. is done with mixed media as binders, glues, coffee, sand, even feathers and a real bird nest.