Tesa Michaels



Art and creativity are deeply rooted in Tesa Michaels, a fifth generation artist and third generation fine artist. From a young age she was immersed in a creative atmosphere that offered constant inspiration and a family that nurtured her artistic endeavors and encouraged her to be a professional artist.

In grammar school she won art contests, was advanced in her artistic skill for her age, at the age of 12 painting her first oil painting taught by her mom, painting murals for schools. Tesa’s grandmother and mother introduced and taught many mediums to Tesa, who gravitated toward fine art, drawing and painting.

At age 17, Tesa was accepted into her first national show, and she taught the art class during the last semester of her senior year of high school.

“I want you to be moved by my paintings. I want each work to evoke an emotion or memory that moves you, speaks to you and affects you in some way. I want my art to impact and enhance your living space and life, to intrigue you every time you look at it.”

Following school, she worked in the graphic design field, in printing as an art and marketing director for a health products company, and in advertising at J. Walter Thompson as an art director working on Ford Motor Company commercials.

Realizing she had moved too far from her roots as a fine artist, Tesa began a new career as a professional artist focusing on oil paintings. Wanting to share her enthusiasm and technical skills as an artist, Tesa has taught art workshops and classes at The Showcase Art Center and Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado.

In Colorado, she studied under Clifford T. Bailey, who helped her develop and fine-tune her oil painting skills and helped her to find her voice as a fine artist. “He has encouraged me and influenced me as an artist and mentor; for that I will be forever grateful, which will forever reflect in my work as an artist.”

As a Colorado native fond of that state’s lakes and mountains, Tesa has always been inspired by nature. Tesa now lives in San Diego, where she enjoys the ocean and beach. She has always been intrigued with the bold colors painted in the sky at sunset and loves re-creating them on canvas.

“I try to capture that one amazing moment when the colors
line up perfectly in the sky and landscapes, when the values are strong and bold.”

Tesa captures the bold essence of nature in her paintings, she captures that small, simple moment in time where the light hits the landscapes perfectly, which will takes your breath away.

As a mixed media artist Tesa brings in elements of the earth into her paintings, shells into her seascapes, and semi precious stones into her abstracts. These elements create more emotion, depth and texture to her work, making each painting unique and one of a kind original piece of art you have never seen before.

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