Tina Calle



I am a self-taught artist living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I began painting in earnest January 2013. With the help of several professional painters in my area, I have enjoyed critiques to aid my emerging style. I was recently accepted to the Foothills Painters professional group as well as the Uni4 Visual Artists group both in central North Carolina.


As for my favorite way to paint, I love Direct painting. I particularly like treading between realism and loose impressionism. Finishing a painting in one sitting is ideal. I may paint from life or paint from a combination of reference photographs with a limited palette of colors to create my own work. I paint daily to hone my skills with my favorite medium- oil on hardboard. I am beginning to experiment with acrylics on watercolor paper of 22×30 and larger. This helps keep me loosened up from the details and fully engaged in color.


My favorite things to paint are frogs. I love them. However, you will not find me limited to them. They are simply my “comfort food” that I turn to when I need to feel good about something quickly. I can always turn out a lovely, happy frog to be admired. They are becoming quite popular. At each critique session, I am always asked for my most recent little gem of a frog.


I respect every other artist’s unique flare and I embrace opportunities to try new ideas from his/her experiences. I’m an enthusiastic person with a passion to inspire others and myself as we create beautiful visual imagery that will last long after we are gone☺!!


When I started painting, I was told, “Paint what you love.” When I do, it is truly the most soul-felt, euphoric feeling I can muster. No wonder I’m hooked on art. Cheers!