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Cynthia Berg

I came to art as an adult. Starting with a cheap set of craft acrylic paints that included the primary colors, black and white and a set of non descriptive brushes. I started by duplicating pictures from magazines or cards and photographs, then gradually moving to still life’s, landscapes and portraits. I also progressed through media as well, acrylic, oils, watercolor, oil pastels, etc. I just am attracted to anything with pigment. I started to explore abstract in an effort to help me loosen up as I was a very tight painter. Currently I paint loosely and robustly, primarily mixed media. I’d call my style more intuitive abstract, where I channel my thoughts and/or emotions into my paintings. I find a lot of joy in expressing meaningful combinations of shape, color and motion. In my experience most of my paintings reveal themselves to me at some point during the painting process.

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