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Mary Opat



From a young age I felt that art was part of me.  I chose art as my college major and always planned on some day pursuing fine art as a career.  The move from Iowa to Arizona in 2010 seemed like the perfect time to act on that dream.


The human element seems to find it’s way into most of my paintings.  Many of the landscape and seascapes have figures in them or evidence of mankind having been there.  Public murals have become an important way for me to share art with a multitude of people.  Recently portraits have become my focus.  If you have a particular scene or a portrait in mind, I would be happy to chat with you.  Please use the contact button at the top of the page to contact me.


My hope is that my paintings will bring good feelings to those who view them.  Perhaps some aspect of the painting will spark and elusive memory in the viewer bringing a feeling of calm or joy.


I am currently a juried member of Arizona Art Alliance, Gilbert Visual Art League, San Tan Artists, and Portrait Artists of Arizona.

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