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Molly Ingram

Hello friends. Welcome to the Good Golly Gallery where I intend to share some of the ways I am enjoying every day as I get older, Most importantly, I am learning that putting things off is a really, really bad idea. It was when I was 25 and it still is at 70+.


I've now retired 3 times and my wants, needs and satisfying my curious mind is finally at the top of my bucket list. I spent a lifetime in corporate business at a senior level and had the opportunity to accomplish many unique and fascinating things during those many years.


I've done everything from appear on TV with Miss Piggy, shoot commercials with famous tennis players like Chris Evert (charming young lady who gave me some profound advise for my own tennis career (such as it was) and answered the Mayor of New York's phone at night as a volunteer for the Junior League, a well-known ladies volunteer group known worldwide. And I made a few bucks too for the big guys during those years in publishing and promotion.


But the real fun began when I decided to try my hand in the world of the arts. I started with Photography and then moved to Pottery, Oil Painting, then added in Acrylic Paints and Alcohol Inks plus a sprinkling of mixed media. I produced mostly abstracts but not all.  Most importantly, I discovered that working with color and form and texture have added a great peace and tranquility to my life.


And if others liked what I had created, how wonderful is that? Nothing particularly earth shattering in having a new life goal.  But recognizing the need for it, and actually going for it, puts a whole new perspective on your day- to- day being. I've had a one-woman photography show, won some awards, and come in second a lot. But nothing is nearly as valuable at bringing a smile to your face. Let your creative side come out. You may be surprised like I was.

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