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Marie Fox



I have always had a passion for drawing the human form but it’s only recently that I began painting it.  But it is only recently that I’ve begun to express my love for the human form through painting. All along, I seem to have been preparing for painting figures – from college studies in art history to clothing design to the practice of art conservation for over a decade. When I first began painting, I chose a folk art style to tell stories of my New England childhood. My career took off when the White House asked me to create two original artworks. My folk art appeared twice on The Today Show, on the covers of two national magazines and has been published by Panasonic, Toyota and Bigelow Tea. Over 50,000 of my prints and 200 paintings have sold internationally.


Six years ago I took up the daily painting of fruits, vegetables and other objects both ordinary and exotic. I learned much while trying to capture the varied colors, shapes and textures, and was happy that these paintings sold well. Several years ago a figure drawing class re-ignited my passion for the human form. It seemed a natural step to move from painting fruits to painting the figure. Now I happily study anatomy to better understand the shapes of the body. Painting every day is my creative means of getting to the heart of things. My imagination and brush are now wholly devoted to painting figures, especially females. I know if I listen to these women, they’ll tell me their stories.

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